How To Fix MacBook Pro Not Charging Issue?

In these tech-driven times, one is dependent on the laptop for carrying out day-to-day operations. Because of Covid-19, most people are opting to work from home. In this case, one can’t afford a laptop to malfunction. If you are facing Macbook Pro not charging issue then we are here to help you out.

There could be more than one reason behind Macbook Pro not charging. Therefore, let’s have a look at those reasons-

  • Faulty Charger
  • Bad battery health
  • Reset the SMC
  • Reset the PRAM
  • Software Update
  • Overheating

In this article, I have listed few solutions that may help you in fixing Macbook Pro not charging issue.

fix macbook pro not charging

How To Fix Macbook Pro Not Charging Issue?

If your Macbook Pro is not charging then don’t worry about it because it is not an unusual problem and several devices face this issue. Try out the solutions given below to fix Macbook Pro not charging issue.

macbook battery is not charging

1. Check Battery Health

It may be because of the bad Battery Health that your Macbook Pro is not charging. Therefore, you need to check the Health of your Battery. Install Coconut Battery on your Mac. With the help of Coconut Battery, you can see all data about your Battery and charging. If the health of your battery is in bad condition then you might have to replace it soon.

2. Check the Charger

Make sure that you are using the Charger that came with your Macbook Pro. If you are using a third-party charger, make sure that it is Apple certified. Check if there are any signs of damage to the Power Adapter. Don’t use damaged accessories to charge your Macbook Pro. If possible try different Power Adapters to charge your Mac. Clean the charging port with a brush and charge your Macbook Pro.

3. Reset SMC

SMC stands for System Management Controller. Therefore, Resetting SMC might help you in fixing the Macbook Pro not charging issue. Before Resetting SMC remove the power adapter from your Macbook Pro. The steps to Reset SMC for non-removable batteries are different from the removable battery. Therefore, first I will list all the steps to Reset SMC for non-removable batteries and then for a removable battery.

Follow the steps below to Reset SMC for non-removable battery-

  • First, shut down your Macbook Pro.
  • Hold down the Shift + Control +Option+ Power Button/ Touch ID for 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds, release the keys.
  • Then press the Power Button/Touch ID to turn on your Macbook Pro.

Follow the steps below to Reset SMC  for removable battery-

  • Shut down your Macbook Pro.
  • Then remove the battery from your Macbook Pro.
  • Now hold down the Power Button for 5 seconds.
  • After that re-insert the battery in your Macbook Pro.
  • Finally, turn on your Macbook Pro.

4. Reset the PRAM

PRAM holds the memory of certain settings even when the Macbook Pro is powered off. Thus, try setting PRAM by following the steps given below-

  • Hold down the Command option or Alt+P+R and turn on the Macbook Pro.
  • Keep holding the keys until you hear the sound of the Macbook Pro restarting again.
  • After hearing the sound of the second reboot release the keys.

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5. Cool down your Macbook Pro

If none of the above solutions works out for you then try this one out. Maybe cooling down your Macbook Pro might help you in resolving the issue. Follow the steps below to cool down your Macbook Pro-

  • Unplug everything like Charger, USB cables, Pen Drive, etc from your Macbook Pro.
  • Then remove the back case.
  • After that cool down your Macbook Pro because Macbook Pro won’t charge if it is hot.
  • So, let it cool down for 1 or 2 hours if it is hot.
  • Then connect your Macbook Pro to its Power Adapter and check whether it is charging or not.


Try the above-mentioned solutions to fix MacBook Pro not charging issue. Also, give us your valuable feedback in the comment section below. If the problem with your laptop still persists then do consult the nearest Apple store for expert advice. Sometimes some issues can’t be fixed at home and they can only be fixed by a technical expert.

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