Best Apple Pencil Grips in 2024

Apple Pencil is an excellent piece of tech for your iPad. It can be used for writing, drawing, and note-taking. However, some people might find it hard to hold the apple pencil for a longer period of time. Or they simply want a more comfy feel.

While you cannot change the comfiness of your Apple Pencil, you can surely use a pencil grip to enjoy a better grip. So the question is, what are some of the best Apple pencil grips available out there?

Well, to help you out with this, here are some of the top suggestions:

6 Best Apple Pencil Grips in 2024

1. UPPERCASE Designs NimbleGrip

UPPERCASE Designs NimbleGrip

At first, I have the UPPERCASE Designs NimbleGrip. This one is designed for the Apple Pencil 1st Generation and Apple Pencil 2nd Generation and comes with multiple color options.

The best part of it is that it comes with an ergonomic and pretty streamlined design that helps you to increase your productivity. Plus, it protects your hand from aches and fatigue.

It also features a dust free coating, and it is made out of premium silicone. This helps in reducing lint attraction.

Also, it sits comfortably in your hands for a really long period of time. Plus, its interior ribbed design keeps the grip stays firmly on your Apple Pencil.

Along with its smoothly transitioned hexagonal exterior design keeps your stylus exactly where you left it.

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2. YINVA Silicone Case Cover for 1st & 2nd gen Apple Pencil

YINVA Silicone Case Cover

Next, there is the YINVA Silicone Case Cover. This is also one of the best Apple pencil grips out there that comes with affordable pricing.

It features YINVA patented silicone grip, which is completely compatible with the Apple Pencil 2nd generation. However, it does not support Apple pencil 1st gen.

But the pencil grip is super easy to assemble and disassemble, and you get a video guide to help you out.

It also features an ergonomic design that provides you a comfortable hold to your Apple Pencil. Plus, it is anti-sweat and non-slip when writing or drawing for a long time, and your fingers will not be painful.

The grip is also pretty slim in design to support the Double tap and wireless charging function. Plus, you can use the grip along with other Apple Pencil accessories with a pen slot.

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3. ELETIUO Silicone Grip Holder for 1st gen and 2nd gen Pencil

ELETIUO Silicone Grip Holder

Next, you can check out the ELETIUO Silicone Grip Holder. This one also comes with affordable pricing, and it is made out of premium material.

The holder is made out of soft silicone rubber for durability. Also, it features high tensile environmental protection material. Also, check out Is AppleCare+ Worth it for iPhone, iPad & MacBook?

The grip is also pretty easy to install and use, and it is super lightweight. Also, it supports a simple and special design that provides you with 2 Different styles. Plus, you will get 3 kinds of thickness marked on the pencil(Small, Medium, Large), more colors for your choice.

Moreover, the grip is designed to provide you with super comfort and efficiency. Plus, it offers more traction for a better grip, and it helps to increase productivity while protecting your hand from aches and fatigue even with long-term writing.

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4. Fintie Silicone Grip Holder for 2nd & 1st gen Apple Pencil

Fintie Silicone Grip Holder

If you are looking for something affordable, have a look at the Fintie Silicone Grip Holder. This one is made out of silicon rubber, and it is pretty durable and easy to install and use. Also, it is compatible with both Apple Pencil 1st 2nd Gen.

The grip also comes with an ergonomic design that offers better traction for a better grip, fits securely, and will not slip off the Apple Pencil.

Also, it features two kinds of grip designs. The ergonomic design allows you to fit your finger and provide you with the grip that you need for painting or sketching, signing a document, or more.

Plus, it comes with a special grip technology that provides you with the ultimate grip and ultimate comfort that helps in minimizing any strain.

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5. ZOVER Magnetic Sleeve for Apple Pencil 1st & 2nd gen

ZOVER Magnetic Sleeve

Up next, there is the ZOVER Magnetic Sleeve. It is a super practical accessory for the Apple Pencil. It is designed to make drawing or writing on the iPad pro pretty easy and comfortable.

It is a set of grip and caps that are specifically designed for the Apple Pencil, and it looks more professional. Also, check out Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

The grip comes with a reasonable design that keeps your fingers comfortable after a long time of usage. Also, its medical-grade silicone feels pretty soft and elastic.

Also, thanks to its magnetic nature, your Apple Pencil will stick to the surface of the iPad Pro or smart keyboard easily.

Along with that, it comes with a metal strip for the non-magnetic surface. So you can easily attach your Apple Pencil to it.

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6. Plus Ergo Grip for Apple Pencil

Plus Ergo Grip for Apple Pencil

You can next check out the Plus Ergo Grip for Apple Pencil. It is an ergonomically designed grip for the Apple Pencil, and it is twice as wide as the Apple Pencil stylus.

The grip is also made of soft and supportive silicon, and it offers you more traction for a better grip. Also, it fits securely and will not slip off the Apple Pencil.

Moreover, thanks to its flexible material, it is pretty easy to install and remove on your Apple Pencil. Plus, its elastic design helps it snap around the Pencil comfortably for the ideal fit. Also, check out Best Apple Homekit Devices & Accessories

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Final Words:

So those were some of the best Apple pencil grips in 2024 out there. Each grip has its own unique features. So go ahead and check them out and see which one you like the most. Also, for any additional questions, do drop a comment below.

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