Is AppleCare+ Worth it for iPhone, iPad & MacBook?

Recently, when I went to buy a MacBook for myself, the store guy asked me if I would like to include AppleCare+ in my purchase. My total cart value was around $2300, and the guy told me that the AppleCare+ would cost me an additional $230 for three years of subscription.

I got confused because paying $230 extra is an important decision. After all, I can spend $230 to obtain additional RAM for my MacBook. So, I talked to the guy, and he told me all of the benefits of AppleCare+ and helped me make the right choice.

is applecare worth it

In this article, I will discuss all of the AppleCare+ benefits, how much it costs for different devices, and answer the most important question – is AppleCare+ worth it for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

So, let’s get started –

What is AppleCare+

AppleCare+ is a type of insurance service for Apple products. It is an added service apart from standard support, and you have to pay for this. AppleCare+ covers a lot of things such as hardware malfunction, accidental damage with little to no cost, and unique customer service. Let’s see some of the differences between AppleCare+ and Apple’s standard warranty.

Difference between AppleCare+ and Apple Standard Warranty

Apple standard warranty is the basic warranty you get with all the Apple products you buy. Mostly you get 12 months of warranty on almost all Apple products and 24 months of warranty on the Apple watch. In addition to that, you also get access to Apple support via phone or chat for 90 days. However, this warranty only covers hardware failures.

On the flip side, AppleCare+ is a subscription-based service where you can extend your product warranty to up to three years, and the good thing is that AppleCare+ covers hardware failures as well as accidental damage. In addition, it covers two incidents of theft or loss of your iPhones for an additional fee.

It also offers you express replacement service in your case the product cannot be repaired. It also provides you priority access to Apple customer support via chat or phone options. Also, check out Apple M1 Ultra vs. M1 Max: Which chip is for you?

AppleCare+ Availability and Pricing

The best thing about AppleCare+ is that it is available for a wide range of devices. The pricing of AppleCare+ depends on the pricing of the Apple product. Generally, the more costly your device will be, the more AppleCare+ will cost you.

Here is the list of how much AppleCare+ cost on each product –

  • The cost of AppleCare+ for Mac ranges between $99 to $399.
  • AppleCare+ for Apple Display cost $499.
  • AppleCare+ for iPad costs between $69 to $129.
  • The AppleCare+ for iPhone cost between $129 to $199.
  • AppleCare+ for Apple Watch cost between $49 to $149.
  • AppleCare+ for iPod cost $59.

These are the standard rates for AppleCare+. However, AppleCare+ is available for other Apple devices, such as Apple TV, Headphones, and HomePod. Along with the one-time purchase option, AppleCare+ is also available as a monthly subscription in some specific countries.

Is AppleCare+ worth it?

Whether you should take AppleCare+ or not is completely your personal choice depending on how you use your device and how much you are willing to risk and pay.

However, if you ask us for a recommendation – I would say that if you have a bad experience of damaging and dropping your device and are prone to it, adding AppleCare+ makes sense. In addition to that, it also helps with the loss and theft coverage of iPhones; therefore, adding AppleCare+ for iPhones is a worthy choice.

is apple care worth it
Is Applecare+ Worth it?

When it comes to Mac and iPads, AppleCare+ covers provide accidental damage coverage, which sounds quite practical. No matter how well you treat your MacBook or iPad, you may get your device damaged or hardware failures, and in that case, AppleCare+ can be a lifesaver.

Overall, I would say that even though AppleCare+ is not essential and costs you some extra money, it significantly reduces the stress and cost of accidental damage, hardware failure, and device replacement. Also, check out How To Connect Apple TV To WiFi Without Remote?

Therefore, if you are sure that you will take care of your Apple products so that they won’t get damaged, it will be completely your choice whether you want to add AppleCare+. But if you don’t want to risk that and want peace of mind, AppleCare+ is totally worth it.

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