Best Apple Pencil Cases, Covers, and Sleeves in 2024

The Apple Pencil is an excellent piece of technology. It comes in pretty handy when you write, draw or take notes. And if you do carry the pencil quite a lot, then getting a cover for your Apple Pencil can be pretty useful. As it will protect your Apple Pencil from scratches, bumps, and everyday tears. So the question is, what are the best Apple Pencil cases, covers, and sleeves out there?

To help you find the right protective gear for your Apple Pencil, here are the top suggestions. So go ahead and check them out.

best apple pencil cases

Best Apple Pencil Cases, Covers, and Sleeves in 2024

1. elago Classic Pencil Case

elago Classic Pencil Case

At first, there is the elago Classic Pencil Case. This one is designed to protect your Apple Pencil from drops and scratches. Also, it looks pretty great and comes in multiple color options.

It comes with an old-school design and is made out of premium silicone material. This helps in protecting your stylus and the surfaces it attaches to.

Also, its silicone prevents scratches on the surface and keeps it securely there with a great grip. Also, the case is compatible with your iPad and attached. Also, it is compatible with wireless charging, so there is no need to remove the case to charge your stylus.

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2. UPPERCASE Premium Silicone Case

UPPERCASE Premium Silicone Case

Up next, there is the UPPERCASE Premium Silicone Case. This one is also one of the best Apple pencil cases out there, which is pretty sleek.

It comes with an elegant faceted look, plus it offers you added comfort of a soft silicone case. Also, it protects your Apple pencil against everything like dust, dirt, or accidental drops. Plus, it makes the pencil easier to hold and offers a great grip.

Thanks to its faceted design, resist rolling after you’ve set it down, and its interior finish keeps it secured onto your 2nd Generation Apple Pencil.

Also, it features a dust-free coating, and it is made with premium silicone and offers you a soft exterior finish. However, it is made for Apple Pencil 2nd gen only.

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3. Classic Silicone Pencil Case

Classic Silicone Pencil Case

You can next check out the Classic Silicone Pencil Case. It is also one of the best cases for your Apple Pencil, and it comes at an affordable price.

It is made of high-quality silicone which will allow the case to last long. Also, the silicone surface can fully and effectively prevent surface scratches and offers better protection to your stylus.

Also, it is designed to offer an amazing grip and better friction. Moreover, the case is also iPad compatible and attaches magnetically.

Also yes, it supports wireless charging, just make sure to install the case properly. However, it only supports Apple Pencil (2nd generation).

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4. Articka Pencil Case

Articka Pencil Case

Up next, you can have a look at the Articka Pencil Case. This one also protects your stylus from any hits or damages.

The case is made out of premium quality silicone, and it is highly durable. Also, it features a safe magnetic closure that prevents accidental openings.

Plus, it comes with a soft, skin-friendly design, and it is widely compatible. It offers excellent compatibility with the Apple Pencil (2nd generation). Also, check out Best Apple Pencil Grips

Overall, you get to see a great design, and it comes in 4 color choices. So you can match it with your accessories. Plus, it features a sleek and lightweight design.

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5. ESR Pencil Holder

ESR Apple Pencil Holder

For my next pick, I have the ESR Pencil Holder. This one is compatible with both Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd generations. Also, it supports other similar-sized styluses.

It has a bag-like design with adhesive backing. Its strong adhesive keeps the pencil holder securely in place and allows you to carry your pencil around safely and securely.

Also, it features an elastic sleeve that holds your pen securely and makes grabbing or storing your pen quick and easy.

Moreover, with this, you will experience a customizable user experience. You can choose the location of the holder on your device or the case that’s best for you.

The case overall has a simple design and it is made out of a combination of PU leather and soft Lycra for a simple, stylish, and classic look.

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6. Meowster Carrying Case

Meowster Carrying Case for Apple Pencil

Up next, you can have a look at the Meowster Carrying Case. It is a storage box for your Apple Pencil. The case can easily fit your Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd generation without a sleeve.

Also, the exterior of the storage case is made out of matt ABS, and it comes with a protective Lid. Also, its interior is made of soft silicone material that protects your Apple pencil from daily scratches.

Plus, the best part of the case is that it works as an all in one store. It can easily hold your Apple pencil, lightning adapter, pencil cap, and extra pencil tip.

Also, it is available in multiple color options and has an affordable price tag. You may also like these Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

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7. Fintie Silicone Sleeve

Fintie Silicone Sleeve

The Fintie Silicone Sleeve is also one of the best Apple pencil cases for the Apple Pencil 2nd generation. And it is compatible with iPad air 5/4, iPad mini 6, iPad Pro 11, and iPad Pro 12.9.

The case is made out of premium silicone, and it effectively protects your Apple pencil from any damage and prevents it from rolling around, scratches and dirt. Also, it helps you to protect the Apple Pencil Nib Cover fully from any damage.

Moreover, the sleeve also provides a comfortable and enhanced grip. Plus, its ultrathin design makes your Apple Pencil magnet-friendly as the original. So you can charge your Apple pencil without needing to remove the case.

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8. Meowster Case for Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

Meowster Case for Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

You can also check out the Meowster Case for Apple Pencil 2nd Generation. It is a cat shape soft silicone sleeve made for the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation.

It offers you a comfortable grip, and it is made of soft silicone material. So this will not only offer you a better grip but will also protect your Apple Pencil from daily scratches.

Along with that, the sleeve is super easy to install, and it comes with an extra pcs tips cover which will help in protecting your iPad screen from getting scratched. Also, check out Is AppleCare+ Worth it for iPhone, iPad & MacBook?

Moreover, you won’t have any trouble attaching this sleeve to your iPad magnetically for pairing and wireless charging.

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9. Delidigi Apple Pencil Case

Delidigi Apple Pencil Case

Next, there is the Delidigi Apple Pencil Case. This one is only compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd Generation and does not fit the iPad with a case.

However, it comes with a unique design, and it is available in three color combinations. So you can easily personalize your Apple Pencil in a different and unique style.

Also, it features an ultra-thin design that allows you to store and charge the Apple Pencil as original and not interfere with the double tap.

Moreover, the case is also pretty easy to install. Simply push your Apple pencil into the sleeve, and you are good to go.

Overall, it offers you an all-day comfortable grip, and it is made from soft silicone material for better grip and protects your Apple Pencil from scratches.

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10. MoKo Holder Case

MoKo Holder Case

Lastly, there is the MoKo Holder Case. It is perfectly designed for your precious Apple Pencil 2nd Generation, and it is compatible with a wide range of iPad models.

It is designed to protect your Apple Pencil from shocks and scratches, and it provides excellent protection against dirt, dust, and other daily damages.

Also, it features a unique retractable design. So you can retract the pen tip into the case to protect your tip from accidental damage when you are not using your Apple pencil.

Plus, its ergonomic design offers you a more secure grip, and its comfortable hand-feeling material makes it an enjoyable experience.

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Final Words:

So those were some of the best Apple pencil cases, covers, and sleeves. Now go ahead and have a deep look at them and see which one meets your requirements. Also, for any other questions, do comment below.

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